Announcing New Multivariate Statistics Capabilities

New multivariate statistics capabilities are now being phased into the Real Statistics Using Excel website. This process will continue for several days.

Starting from today you will see a new item on the home menu entitled Multivariate Statistics, This will give you access to tutorials on the new topics: Descriptive Multivariate Statistics, Multivariate Normal Distribution, Hotelling’s T2 Statistic, Multivariate Analysis of Variance (MANOVA) and Factor Analysis.

The Descriptive Multivariate Statistics and Multivariate Normal Distribution webpages are now online and the Hotelling’s T2 Statistic webpages are partially online. The others will follow shortly.

A new item has also been added to the Appendix menu, entitled Linear Algebra and Advanced Matrix Topics. This provides access to background information that is useful in better understanding Multivariate Statistics. The first two of the new background webpages are now online. A few more will follow shortly.

Once these webpages are online, a new release of the Real Statistics Resource Pack will be issued. This release, R2.0, will contain new worksheet functions and data analysis tools to perform the multivariate statistical tests described in the new webpages. Stay tuned for more information about this release.



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