Announcing Real Statistics Resource Pack Release 2.4

I am pleased to announce Release 2.4 of the Real Statistics Resource Pack. The Real Statistics Worksheet Examples has also been updated for compatibility with the new release.

Both Real Statistics Resource Pack Release 2.4 and the Worksheet Examples file are now available for immediate free download by selecting Download from the top menu.

Release 2.4 contains the following new features:

New Reliability Functions: The following worksheet functions are now available:

  • KAPPA: Cohen’s kappa for two or more raters (aka Fleiss’ kappa)
  • ICC: intraclass correlation measure
  • SPLIT:HALF: split-half reliability measure
  • KUDER: Kuder-Richardson Formula 20 measure of reliability

A new webpage has also been added to describe Fleiss’ kappa. A description of Kuder-Richardson Formula 21 has been added to the Kuder-Richardson Formula 20 webpage.

Hosmer-Lemshow Test: The Hosmer-Lemeshow test for goodness of fit of a logistic regression model has been added to the Logistic Regression data analysis tool.

A new webpage has also been added to describe the Hosmer-Lemeshow test.

Regression standard residuals: standard residuals have now been added to the Residuals and Cook’s D option of the Regression data analysis tools

Many of these new features are a result of suggestions from the user community. Thanks again for all your suggestions and continuing support. Please follow us at Real1Statistics on Twitter to be notified of new releases and relevant comments from other users.

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