Announcing Release 1.5

Two days ago, I released a new version of the Real Statistics Resource Pack. Unfortunately, I inadvertently left in a bug in the QQ Plot data analysis tool. In order to correct this, I am now issuing a new release: R 1.5.

In addition to this bug fix, there are three new pieces of functionality in R1.5 which yu might find useful:

  • Mann-Whitney Test for Independent Samples data analysis tool (available by pressing Ctrl-m in Excel).
  • Wilcoxon Signed-Rank Test for Paired Samples data analysis tool (available by pressing Ctrl-m in Excel).
  • There is no longer need to provide sorted data to the Shapiro-Wilk functions (SHAPIRO and SWTEST). These functions now accept unsorted data.

If you have an earlier version of the Real Statistics Resource Pack, you might want to download the latest version. You can learn which release you have by entering the function VER() in any worksheet.

All the Excel examples in this site can also be downloaded for free from the Free Download page. These examples are all compatible with release 1.5.


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