Announcing Release 1.6

Release 1.6 of the Real Statistics Resource Pack is now available for free download on the Free Download page. The release is backwards compatible with previous releases, but also includes some important new features and bug fixes, includes the following new functions and data analysis tools:

New Cronbach’s alpha function:

The new CRONALPHA(R1) function calculates Cronbach’s alpha for the data in range R1.

Improved non-parametric support:

A new data analysis tool implementing the Wilcoxon Signed-Rank Test for One Sample, complementing the SRANK and SRTEST functions that are also provided in previous releases.

This tool (as well as the others mentioned below) can be accessed by pressing Ctrl-m from Excel

New data reformatting tools and functions:

A new data analysis tool, Reformat Data Range, which provides a variety of reformatting utilities, including sorting, sorting omitting duplicates, changing the shape of the data range, removing empty (or non-numeric) cells, deleting any row which contains an empty (or non-numeric) cell (used for listwise deletion of missing data).

New functions: DELBLANK (remove empty cells), DELNonNum (remove non-numeric cells), DELROWBLANK (delete any row which contains an empty cell), DELROWNonNum (delete any row which contains a non-numeric cell) and COUNTU (count unique, i.e. count of the number of unique numeric values in the specified range).

Minor new features for existing reformatting functions (RESHAPE, REVERSE, NODUPES, RANDOMIZE and SHUFFLE). Also corrects  a bug in a some of these functions.

A new data analysis tool, Extract Columns from Data Range, which enables you to create a new data range containing only selected columns from an existing data range

New functions for Two-factor ANOVA without replacement:

Allows existing Two Factor ANOVA with Replacement functions (ANOVA, ATEST, MSRow, etc.) to be used for Two Factor ANOVA without Replacement

Improved Logistic Regression data analysis tool:

  • Both raw data (new) and summary data can be used as input to the Logistic Regression data analysis tool.
  • A new function, LogRegSummary, can also be used to convert raw data to summary form
  • A new option is provided which automatically calculates the regression coefficients (using the Newton Raphson method)
  • A new table is provided which reports on the significance of the regression coefficients
  • A critical bug has now been fixed

If you have an earlier version of the Real Statistics Resource Pack, you might want to download the latest version. You can learn which release you have by entering the function VER() in any worksheet.

All the Excel examples in this site can also be downloaded for free from the Free Download page. These examples are all compatible with release 1.6. An updated version of the Real Statistics Examples Workbook is also now available.


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