Announcing Release 1.7 of the Real Statistics Resource Pack

This release provides the following new features:

  1. A complete change to the Shapiro Wilk test, enabling tests for up to 5,000 elements
  2. Changes and upgrades to some of the data analysis tools in the Real Statistics Resource Pack

Release 1.7 of the Real Statistics Resource Pack can be downloaded for free from the Free Download page. The release is backwards compatible with previous releases. You can also download the Real Statistics Examples Workbook which is also compatible with R1.7.

Specific changes are as follows:

Shapiro-Wilk Test:  Samples with 3 to 5,000 can now be tested. SHAPIRO(R1) = the W test statistic for the data in range R1 (even if unsorted). SWTEST(R1) = the p-value of the test. If the p-value ≤ alpha (usually α = .05) then the data is not normally distributed. SWCoeff(n, j) = the jth coefficient for a sample of size n. SWCoeff(R1, C1) = the coefficient corresponding to cell C1 in range R1.

Option to display output on a new worksheet: All the data analysis tools in the resource pack now allow you specify that the output can optionally be displayed on a new worksheet. This is done by erasing the default Output Range and leaving that field empty.

Logistic Regression: adds an option to determine the number of iterations when using the Newton’s Method option.

Reformat Data Range: If the Column Headings included in the Data option is chosen then the first row of the Input Range is not checked for empty or non-numeric cells when either the Remove rows with empty cell(s) or Remove rows with non-numeric cells option is selected.

Similarly the DELROWBlank and DELROWNonNum functions now support an optional second argument of True or False (default Fault) which provides similar capabilities.

ANOVA with Repeated Measures: fixes a serious bug

Contrast for Repeated Measures: now displays the correct value of df

Wilcoxon Signed-Ranks Test for Paired Samples: fixes a bug when the Include Headings option is chosen

I welcome you feedback about this new release and any other futures that you would like to see added in future releases.

Charles Zaiontz

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