Other New Features in the Real Statistics Resource Pack

On October 1, a number of new features were added to the Real Statistics Resource Pack. I inadvertently forgot to publicize these new capabilities at the time, and so I am doing this now. All these features are included in the latest release and are available for free download by clicking on the Download tab of the home menu on the website.

The following is a description of these features:

Factor Analysis: A new Factor Analysis data analysis tool has been added. You can access this and all the other data analysis tools by pressing Ctrl-m. Supported features include

    • Principal Component and Principal Axis extraction
    • Descriptive statistics, correlation matrix, partial correlation matrix
    • Eigenvalues and eigenvectors of the correlation matrix
    • Scree plots
    • KMO
    • Communalities and specific variance
    • Factor loading matrix (full and reduced)
    • Factor matrix (both unrotated and rotated using Varimax)
    • Reproduced correlation matrix
    • Error matrix
    • Factor score matrices (regression, Bartlett’s and Anderson-Rubin)

Non-parametric tests: Both one-tail and two-tests are now performed when the Non-parametric option is chosen on the T Tests and Non-parametric Equivalents data analysis tool.

DFFITS: This statistic is now outputted from the Linear Regression data analysis tool using the Residuals and Cook’s Distance option.

Also you may have noticed that there are now two files with examples from the website which can be downloaded for free by clicking on the Download tab of the top menu of the website:

  • The new Real Statistics Multivariate Examples file  contains all the multivariate statistics examples (Hotelling’s tests, MANOVA, Factor Analysis, etc.)
  • The Real Statistics Examples Workbook, which contains all the non-multivariate examples found on this website 

Sorry for the delay in informing you of these new capabilities. I hope that you find them useful and that you continue to derive value from the Real Statistics Using Excel site and software.

Charles Zaiontz

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