Announcing Release 2.3 of the Real Statistics Resource Pack

I am pleased to announce the latest release of the Real Statistics Resource Pack, Release 2.3.

The new release is now available for free download by clicking on the Download tab of the top menu on the website. The Real Statistics Examples Workbook, which contains all the non-multivariate examples found on this website has also been updated. The website is now being updated to reflect the new features; this should be completed within the next day.

The following is a brief description of the new features contained in Release 2.3:

Linear Regression: A new linear regression data analysis tool has been added. This tool is very similar to the standard Excel Regression data analysis tool, except that, as usual, the output will contain formulas instead of values. In this way if you change any of the input data, the output will automatically be updated without having to rerun the data analysis tool.

Cook’s Distance: The existing Cook’s D data analysis tool has now been included in the Linear Regression data analysis tool as an option.

Tukey HSD, Tukey-Kramer and Games-Howell: The Tukey HSD, Tukey-Kramer and Games-Howell post hoc options of the Single Factor Anova data analysis tool have been simplified. The t-test versions have been eliminated in favor of q-tests. Thus the standard error displayed will now equal the values previously reported divided by the square root of 2. The p-value and confidence intervals will be the same as those displayed previously.

Levene’s Test: The Levene’s test for the homogeneity of variances has now been added as an additional option in the Single Factor Anova data analysis tool.

As usual I welcome your feedback regarding the site, future capabilities, bugs, questions, etc. I hope that you find the new capabilities useful and that you continue to use the Real Statistics Using Excel site and software.

Charles Zaiontz

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