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  1. Erik Gribbin says:

    Thanks very much for developing such great resources (website and realstats.xlam)!! I was looking up some of the sources in your bibliography and I noticed that the following source is not longer available:

    [La] Larsen, P. V. (2006). Regression and analysis of variance. Course notes.

    There is a link to this directory from , but the st111 directory itself, no longer seems to exist.

    Thanks again!

    Erik Gribbin

    • Charles says:

      Thanks for your kind remarks about the Real Statistics software pack.
      Unfortunately webpages and files that are interesting may be removed at any time. This is one of the realities of the Internet.

  2. stephan van straaten says:

    In relation to one of my previous comments.

    I assume you would prefer it as you have referenced it, ” Zaiontz, C. (2013) Real statistical analysis using Excel.”

    Again thank you

    • Charles says:

      That seems fine, but I will make the following suggestions:
      – Since I make changes all the time to the website and add-in probably it is best to change the date to 2014
      – If you want to specifically reference the add-in you should probably use the release number. The current release number is Rel 2.17.1.

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