Frequently asked questions:

  1. I am trying to use the Real Statistics software, but it prompts me for a password. What should I do?
  2. What to do if the Addins ribbon does not appear?
  3. What to do if Real Statistics disappears from the Addins ribbon?
  4. Does the Real Statistics Resource Pack work on a 64 bit version of Excel?

Additional FAQs will be added shortly.

4 Responses to FAQs

  1. karnan says:

    shall work real-statistics tool work online without using my desktop excel?

  2. Phil M says:

    Hi Charles

    First of all could I say that I think it is brilliant that you have made a resource like this available on the web – ultimately this can only contribute to spreading the use of stats and evidence-based reasoning into our societies (and boy do we need that).

    My question is about installing RealStats on Windows 10 – the folder structure is not the same as


    Should I create these folders or go down a different route? Meanwhile I have just installed Excel 2016.

    Many thanks

    • Charles says:

      Glad that you appreciate the Real Statistics website and software. I had hoped to make such tools more readily available.
      You can place RealStats anywhere that you like. You don’t have to use the folder structure that I suggested.

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