Password Prompt

You never need to supply a password to use the Real Statistics Resource Pack.

The usual reason for receiving this message is that the software has been downloaded but not installed. If the software is installed correctly, then when you press Alt-TI you should see RealStats and Solver on the list of add-ins with check marks next to them.

If not, you need to follow the installation instructions which can be found on the same webpage from where you downloaded the file containing the software.

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  1. Brenda says:

    I clicked on the “free download” icon for Excel 2016 but an installation box/prompt never appeared. I see add ins but it does ask for a password when I try to use MANOVA. Any suggestions? Thanks

    • Charles says:

      Depending on the browser you are using, when you click on the “free download” icon, the file being downloaded (in this case, the RealStats file) will be sent to a specific folder on you computer, usually automatically without any prompts or dialog boxes appearing. This is a function of your browser, not Real Statistics. Once the file have downloaded to your computer, you need to follow the Real Statistics installation instructions as described on the referenced webpage before you can use the Real Statistics data analysis tools (such as MANOVA). Once you understand the instructions, it should only take a minute or two to complete the installation.

  2. Silvio Abela says:

    Excellent package. I came here after looking up Logistic Regression on Google that led me straight here. A good You Tube tutorial made using your package a breeze.

  3. Sola says:

    Hi Charles, Thanks for the great Job. I received this error message will trying to run an ANOVA analysis ”Compile error in hidden module: ANOVA Analysis”. Any suggestions on the way forward?

    • Charles says:

      Here are some possible issues:
      1. Try using one of the Real Statistics functions. In particular, enter the formula =VER() and see whether you get an error, in which case, the software has not been installed correctly
      2. Solver has not been installed. When you choose the Add-Ins option (after pressing Alt-TI), do you see RealStats and Solver in the list of addins with a check mark next to them?
      3. See Hint 2 at
      4. The problem might be with the Trust Center settings. Click on Options from the File ribbon and then choose the Trust Center option on the left side. Next click on Trust Center Settings …. Next click on the Macro Settings option on the left side and make sure that it is Disable all Macros with Notification. Also click on the Trusted Locations option on the left side and click on the Add New Location… button to add the folder that contains RealStats folder as a trusted location.

  4. Neha S says:


    I am trying to load real stats and it gives me a message –
    Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications prompt

    Cant find project or library

    and when I click ok it takes me to Real Stats Password prompt.

    Also I tried to set this location in Appdata as trusted location

    Please help

    • Charles says:

      When you press Alt-TI do you see Solver and RealStats on the list of admins with a check mark next to them?

      • Susan says:

        Thank you so much for providing the software and help.

        I had the exact same problem while installing it. Alt-TI doesn’t prompt any window for me, but I can see the Add-ins in Tool tab, and both RealStats and Solver were there and checked. I also tried =VER(), it returned 5.0 Excel Mac. I was able to run KAPPA(E2:F18,2), but when I tried KAPPA(E2:F18,,TRUE), the return is the word “kappa”, instead the chart with kappa, p value etc. And when I tried to run the “reliability” through the “correlation” tab, “compile error in hidden module” message came up.

        Please help! Thank you sooooo much!

        • Charles says:

          1. The reason why KAPPA(E2:F18,,TRUE) returns only the word “kappa” and not the rest of the information is that KAPPA is an array function and so you can’t simply press Enter to get the results. See the following webpage for information on how to see all the results from KAPPA:
          Array Formulas and Functions
          2. If I understand correctly, you are using Excel 2011 for the Mac. There are two versions of Real Statistics for this version of the Mac. The older version has been tested, but the newer version has not been tested and I can’t guarantee that it works properly. If you have Excel 2016 for the Mac, that version of Real Statistics has been tested and you should use it.

  5. David Castillo says:

    Cual es la contraseña x fav…

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