Excel Capabilities

In this section we give additional information about Excel capabilities not described in Excel Environment.


5 Responses to Excel Capabilities

  1. aslam says:

    I Aslam one enquiry abt excel i had cretaed one workbook having more than 500 sheet and in one sheet 100 to 1200 columns are using to save data is there any limited capability for excel workbook if so how much thus did i lose my date

    • Charles says:

      Hello Aslam,
      Sorry, but I don’t know the limits on the number of sheets in an Excel workbook. I would think this this is largely governed by the amount of memory available.

  2. Justin M says:


    I am trying to automate the binary logistic regression function from your add-in. I have several tables that I need it to be run on (over 10). Is there a way to use Excel VBA code to automate the binary logistic regression?

    Thank you for your help and please let me know if you need any additional information.



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