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Since we will be using Excel for statistical analysis, we provide a brief overview of the Excel environment with particular emphasis on the latest versions of Excel (Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013 and Excel 2016) and the capabilities most useful for statistical analysis. Together with Excel’s online help facilities (accessible by pressing in Excel the F1 function key), this will provide you with sufficient background to carry out the analyses described in the remainder of this website.

Since Excel is so widely used, there is wealth of information (books, websites, etc.) about Excel that you can consult if you would like to know more about how to use Excel. In particular, we suggest that you take a look at https://www.deskbright.com/excel/how-to-use-excel/.


See also Excel Capabilities for additional information about how Excel is used for statistical analysis.

7 Responses to Excel Environment

  1. ATUL KUMAR says:

    Sir, how to find eigen values and eigen vectors of a given matrix using microsoft excel.
    plz guide me for it…..

  2. Pat says:

    I am trying to determine when a product will fail using basic statistics – situation – product is made up of 10 identical parts – 7 of the parts are old and will fail more quickly than the 3 new parts. How can I show how much longer the product will last if we increase the number of new parts. Know values – # of parts, expected life of parts.

    • Charles says:

      You would need to provide more information in order for me to answer your question more completely, but the basic idea is as follows:
      Suppose p1 = the probability that part 1 fails in a given time interval and p2 = the probability that part 2 fails in the same time interval, then the probability that the product consisting only of these two parts will fail in the same time interval is 1-(1-p1)(1-p2). This can be extended to additional parts. Additional analysis may depend on the failure rate distribution (e.g. exponential, Weibull). See the following webpages for more details:
      Exponential Distribution
      Weibull Distribution

  3. k.m.k.s.wijeratne says:

    sir,could you please send me a data set with about 50 observations for multiple regression analysis.

  4. Basundhara says:

    very helpful resources.
    Thanks a lot!

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