Real Statistics Supplemental Capabilities

This website provides you with a free download of the Real Statistics Resource Pack, which contains a variety of supplemental functions and data analysis tools not provided by Excel. These complement the standard Excel capabilities and make it much easier for you to perform the statistical analyses described in the rest of this website.

In order to use these supplemental capabilities you must first install the Real Statistics Resource Pack, which can be accessed from Free Download. Once you have downloaded the resource pack from this site, you need to install it using the following steps:

  1. Select Office Button > Excel Options > Add-Ins in Excel 2007 or File > Help|Options > Add-Ins in Excel 2010/2013, and click on the Go button at the bottom of the window.
  2. Check the Realstats option on the dialog box that appears and click the OK button.
  3. If this option doesn’t appear, click on Browse to find and choose the realstats.xlam file. Then complete step 2 as described above.

Real Statistics supplemental functions

You can use the supplemental functions in the same way as you use the built-in worksheet functions supplied with Excel. These functions are described throughout the rest of this website. A complete list of these functions can be found in Real Statistics Supplemental Functions.

Real Statistics supplemental data analysis tools

You can access the supplemental data analysis tools by pressing Ctrl-m. A menu of tools will then appear (similar to that of Figure 1 of Excel Data Analysis Tools). Alternatively you can access the supplemental data analysis tools menu from the Quick Access Toolbar as described in Accessing Supplemental Tools.

The main difference is that the Output Range defaults to the active cell in the worksheet, although it can be changed to any other location in that worksheet.  The Output Range must be on the same worksheet as the Input Range, although if the Output Range field is empty then the output will be displayed on a new worksheet in the same workbook (similar to the New Worksheet Ply described in Figure 2 of Excel Data Analysis Tools).

You can also click on the Help button to get more information about how to fill in the dialog box. A complete list of supplemental data analysis tools can be found in Real Statistics Supplemental Data Analysis Tools.

Real Statistics Examples Workbooks

Accompanying this website are two Excel workbooks consisting of worksheets that implement the various tests and analyses described in the rest of this website. One workbook covers the univariate examples and the other the multivariate examples. A copy of these workbooks can be downloaded by clicking on Free Download.

Once you have download the examples workbooks, you can click on any tab to access the various examples found in this website. Two tables of contents are provided to help you find the desired example.

The second worksheet in the workbook (labeled TOC) is the table of contents for the rest of the workbook. Clicking on any of the entries takes you the specific example described in the corresponding part of this website. The entries in the TOC correspond to the various pages in this website. In this way you can follow along with any of the topics in the website in Excel.

There is a more concise table of contents, which may be found in the first worksheet (labeled TOC0). Clicking on any of these entries takes you to the first entry in TOC for that general topic. The entries in TOC0 correspond to the menu items in the Content Menu  (that appears on the right sidebar of this website).

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