Installation of Real Statistics Examples Workbook

The Real Statistics Examples Workbooks contains all the examples used in this website and so it will be very valuable in understanding the concepts described in the rest of this website. But before you use any one of the examples workbooks for the first time, you need to make sure that it is synchronized with the Real Statistics Resource Pack, the Excel add-in, as described next.

After you download any one of the Real Statistics examples workbooks and before you open the workbook for the first time, you should make sure that the Real Statistics Resource Pack has been installed (see Real Statistics Resource Pack Installation). You should close any Excel workbooks that are open and then open the Real Statistics examples workbook.

When you open one of the Real Statistics examples workbooks for the first time you will likely receive the following messages:

“This workbook contains links to other data sources”

You should now follow the following steps before trying to use the workbook:

1. Click on Update

You will now receive a message that says

“This workbook contains one or more links that cannot be updated”

2. Click on Edit Links…

For the source that is highlighted

3. Click Change Source…

4. Next enter the location of the Real Statistics Resource Pack. As described in Real Statistics Resource Pack, it is recommended that you place the resource pack in the following location for Excel 2007/2010/2013/2016:


where user-name is your user name in Microsoft Windows.

5. Now select RealStats.xlam and click OK

6. Click Close the Edit Links… dialog box

7. Save the workbook (e.g. via Ctrl-S)

You are now ready to use the Real Statistics examples workbook. The next time you open the workbook you should not have to repeat the above procedure.

Alternative Approach

If for some reason the above approach doesn’t work, and in particular, you still get the same error message the next time you try to open one of the Real Statistics examples workbooks you can repeat the above approach or alternatively you can carry out the following steps:

1. Click on Continue (instead of Update as described above)

2. Select Home > Editing|Find & Select

3. Choose Replace… from the menu that pops up

4. Enter C:\Users\C\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\AddIns (or whatever text appears before the Real Statistics function names) into the Find what field and leave the Replace with field blank. Now click Options>>

Find and Replace

5. Select Workbook (instead of Sheet) in the Within field and click Replace All.

Replace All

6. Save the workbook (e.g. via Ctrl-S)

You are now ready to use the Real Statistics examples workbook.

23 Responses to Installation of Real Statistics Examples Workbook

  1. Larry says:

    Hi, I followed all these steps and also for installing the Resource file. I still get a #NAME? error in all of the fields of the example file where it calls on the Resource file. It’s definitely pointing to the right xlam file, I just don’t know how to get it to work!

    • Larry says:

      Never mind I just figured it out – it has to be on your hard drive. I was trying to save them to my dropbox, but it doesn’t recognize it that way!

  2. Ahmed says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have installed “Real Statistics Resource Pack” also i have downloaded both excel example files, i.e. Real Statistics Examples Workbook AND Real Statistics Multivariate Examples; I have updated the link as you explained above. the problem is that many cells have #NAME? error & in this cell (worksheet “Prob 2, cell name G3 ) this formula is present: =’C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\AddIns\RealStats-2007.xlam’!NODUPES(A3:A14,””)

    which is the location of the Real Statistics Resource Pack i.e RealStats-2007.xlam
    I am using Windows XP & Microsoft office 2007.

    Sir Kindly help as Soon as Possible.

  3. tiara says:

    Dear charler

    I have exactly the same problem with Ahmed. I tried to do the alternative approach but it didnt work. when i tried to replace all a new window appeared titled ‘update value: RealStats.xlam’. I tried to clicked the recourse pack but the new window keep appearing. what should I do? I waste hours trying to figure it out

    • Charles says:

      Dear Tiara,

      Let’s start with a simple case, namely the one in Ahmed’s email. Suppose that you see a formula of the following form


      Since this is an array formula, you need to highlight all the cells in the range which contains this formula. Next manually delete all the text up to NODUPES except for the initial equal sign in the formula bar. The result will be


      in the formula bar. Next press Ctrl-Shift-Enter.

      Provided you installed the Real Statistics Resource Pack correctly you should see the result of the =NODUPES(A3:A14,””) formula in all the cells in the highlighted range.

      If this doesn’t work properly, then the likely problem is one of the following: (1) the Real Statistics Resource Pack wasn’t installed properly, (2) you didn’t highlight all the cells in the range containing the original formula, (3) you pressed Enter and not Ctrl-Shift-Enter.

      If it does work properly then this is a good sign, but, since you don’t want to manually delete text from every formula that uses a supplemental function from the Real Statistics Resource Pack, you will still need to carry out one of the two procedures in the referenced webpage. Since you are having problems with the alternative procedure, I suggest that you start again using the first procedure.


  4. Mark says:


    This worked for me using the “Alternative Approach.” The add-in for me was RealStats-2007.xlam.

    For some reason, all the links in both workbooks were originally:


    “Mark,” of course is just my user name.

    I have no idea why the redundant “C:\Users\C …” was there. Whatever. You’d have to check to see what the false links in your own workbooks look like.

    At any rate, when you use find and replace, make sure that the FIND field contains that false link in its entirety, i.e., WITH THE INVERTED SINGLE QUOTE MARKS: e.g.,


    DO NOT JUST USE, e.g.,:

    C:\Users\C\Mark\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\AddIns\RealStats.xlam (i.e., WITHOUT the fore-and-aft quote marks).

    Then, as in the directions above, use WITHIN -> Workbook; and replace with an empty REPLACE WITH field, and choose REPLACE ALL. After several moments (I believe some 4000+ links were replaced in the Real-Statistics-Examples.xlsx), it was done.

    Easy as pie. The first method resulted in Excel ceasing to respond.


  5. Nagraj says:

    Hi Charles

    When I tried opeing the example work book, it was throwing out an error “Compile error in hidden module : Non-parametric” followed by similar errors. Could you please suggest a solution. I am using Excel 2007



    • Charles says:

      Have you installed the Real Statistics Resource Pack? If so, what do you see when you enter the formula =VER() in any cell in a new workbook? Are you able to use the Real Statistics data analysis tools (after pressing Ctrl-m) on a new workbook (not the examples workbook)?

  6. Joel says:

    I downloaded and opened up both the Examples Workbook and Multivariate Examples workbook. The both opened up fine (I had to change the links source on the Examples workbook, but that worked fine). I am well and truly impressed.

    Now I would like to clarify my understandings on how to use them. I need to press control M for the main application and then open either examples workbook from a link in a desktop folder to get them to open. That is workable.

    Would would be great is if I could link to the examples workbooks through a link on one of the ribbon bars in Excel. In essence the same issue as with the Real Stats add in. Any thoughts on this?

    • Charles says:

      The Examples Workbook is just an ordinary Excel workbook, and so there is really no need to link to it via the ribbon; you can simply open it. This is different from the situation with the Real Statistics add-in.

  7. Richard Eastman says:

    I am using a Mac with 2011 Excel running, and have installed the Resource Pack for Mac and the Examples, and am working onExample 1 Simulate Central Limit Theorem. This is what the workbook tab opens to. I am getting the NAME error in the output array. Please advise.

    • Richard Eastman says:

      Here is the text in one of the NAME ERROR CELLS IN THE ARRAY.
      =’Macintosh HD:Users:Charles:AppData:Roaming:Microsoft:AddIns:RealStats.xlam’!RESHAPE(O3:O102)

    • Charles says:

      Richard you need to follow the instructions on the referenced webpage to get rid of the NAME error. The “installation” really only consists of changing the reference to the Real Statistics add-in so that it refers to the add-in file on your computer.

      For example, when the current reference is as follows

      =’Macintosh HD:Users:Charles:AppData:Roaming:Microsoft:AddIns:RealStats.xlam’!RESHAPE(O3:O102)

      one approach is to use Excel’s replace text function to delete the following text anywhere it appears in the Example file
      ’Macintosh HD:Users:Charles:AppData:Roaming:Microsoft:AddIns:RealStats.xlam’!

      In this way, the original formula becomes =RESHAPE(O3:O102), which refers to the current Real Statistics add-in that you installed on your computer.


      • Richard Eastman says:


        Thanks for responding. Moving it to the Mac hard disk removed the language and replaced it with my path. The Find and Replace gave a message saying it could not change an element in an array. In any case I got it going. Thanks for the follow-up.


  8. Mohammad Emad says:

    Hi, thank you for your file.
    I am using real statistic in mt excel work sheet. but i need to share and send individually to the others to fill my sheet which i used this add in. but those people who has not this add-in can not use all calculation in my work sheet. is it possible to embed real statistics and be able just used the calculation.?
    hope to get me.
    waiting for your kind response

  9. Kelly says:

    Dear Charles

    Thanks very much for giving us those Real Statistics Examples Workbooks. In the ADF sample, my data range is from A3 to A104, hence I need to replace A22 in the {=DescStats(A3:A22,TRUE)} with A104. However, there is a popup dialog box saying that “You cannot change part of an array.” How come? Please kindly give me your advice on this issue.

  10. May says:

    After following both of Charles’s approaches, I was still getting the #NAME? error in the workbook. Apparently I did not have macros enabled. To fix that, in the “Edit Links” dialog, select “Open Source.” At least for me (Windows 7, Excel 2016), a window then popped up asking me if I would like to Enable macros. I clicked Enable and then everything was working fine. Hope this helps anyone else who is stuck.

  11. rekha nianthi says:

    please give me free realstat

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