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By clicking on the download of the Real Statistics Resource Pack or Real Statistics Examples Workbook you agree to the License Agreement.

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33 Responses to License Agreement

  1. Mohammed Alsabbry says:

    Dear Charles,

    Thank you very much for your effort to simplify the time series analysis, i have taken a course on time series analysis almost 20 years ago, here you efforts have refreshed my knowledge. I accept the agree ment.. Hopefully, I will contact you in case i use it for big project analysis.

  2. i agree to terms and conditions

  3. David Troness says:

    I accept – can’t wait to see it.

  4. I agree to the terms. Thank you for this service. It is a valuable resource for the classroom and the field!

  5. I accept the agreement. I appreciate the advanced options provided to conduct statistics for my research in the classroom and the field.

  6. germelin m. casao says:

    thank you for letting us use the tool pack. it is very useful in our post graduate studies

  7. J Gonzalez says:

    Morning everybody. I installed Real Statistics Resource Pack but when I want to work with it I recived the following mesage: It dont found the library an then ask for a key.
    can someone help me?

  8. Bob Rawding says:

    Thanks for this resource!!!!!


  9. Seo says:

    Thank you very much.

  10. etleva says:

    I need this Real Statistics Examples Workbook and I agree to the License Agreement.

  11. RAM S. says:


  12. Adeleke Adejobi says:

    Developing my statistics skills

  13. Amin says:

    i need this to solve my problems about analysis data.

  14. Matilde Espinosa-Sanchez says:

    I am needing statistics tools.
    I hope this tools will help.

  15. Leonila Barbacena says:

    Very helpful!

  16. Cyril says:


  17. Jwu-Maw Yang says:

    Thank you very much for providing this wonderful software!

  18. Elouissi says:

    Many thanks for your efforts. I found on the web that some peoples likes your soft. I’ll also download it and work with it.
    Thanks again,

  19. Kwon Hong Lee says:

    I am interested in time series analysis. Especially I want to know how to mitigate autocorrelation problem.

    • Charles says:

      I haven’t incorporated time series analysis into the website or software yet. I hope to get to this later this year.

  20. Armida Mucci says:

    I am interested in KMO and Bartlett test for Principal Component Analysis

  21. TUNAHAN says:


    ı need urgent a beta distrubition graph on excel as xlsx file ?
    do you have ? or anybody can send me ? pls
    thanx from now

  22. Lynette says:

    do you have examples of the Kolomogorov Smirnov Test for comparing two samples?

  23. JU YEON MOON says:

    I am interested in TUKEY HSD TEST

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