Method of Least Squares for Multiple Regression Detailed

Theorem 1: The regression line has form


where the coefficients bm are the solutions to the following k equations in k unknowns.


Proof: Our objective is to find the values of the coefficients bi for which the sum of the squares


is minimum where ŷi is the y-value on the best fit line corresponding to xi1,…,xik. Now,


For any given values of (x11, …, x1k, y1), …, (xn1, …, xnk, yn), this expression can be viewed as a function of the bi, namely g(b0, …, bk):

image3499By calculus the minimum value occurs when the partial derivatives are zero. i.e.

image3500 image3501

Transposing terms we have

image3502 image3503

Further simplifying

image3504 image3505

But since \sum\nolimits_{i=1}^n (x_{im}-\bar{x}_m) = 0, the last equation becomes


The remaining k equations are:


These are equivalent toimage1819

Since we have k equations in k unknowns (the bm), there can be a solution.

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