Access via Quick Access Toolbar or Ribbon

A number of people have told me that they were not able to access the Real Statistics data analysis tools dialog box via the Quick Access Toolbar or Ribbon even after they followed the instructions given on the website.

I think I have finally figured it out what the problem is. I believe that InitStats (which is the name of the subroutine that displays the Real Statistics dialog box) doesn’t appear in the list of macros until it is run at least once from the Macros dialog box.

To solve this problem you need to press Alt-F8. A dialog box will appear. Enter InitStats in the dialog box  and click on the Run button. Once you have done this InitStats should appear in the list of macros, in which case you will be able to add InitStats to the Quick Accesss Toolbar or to an existing Ribbon.

You can find complete details at Accessing Real Statistics Data Analysis Tools.

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  1. Colin says:


    It doesn’t work

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