Quick Update 17 February 2014

A new and improved version of the Real Statistics Resource Pack for Macintosh is now available. In addition to support for the supplemental functions, you can now use the data analysis tools with the Excel 2011 for the Mac.

There are still a few shortcomings, namely that the dialog boxes for the data analysis tools don’t display as well as for the Windows version and you can’t simply highlight the cell ranges on these dialog boxes, but need to type in the cell range addresses.

Otherwise everything on the Windows versions can now be done on the Mac. In fact there is one feature that is available for the Mac that hasn’t yet been released for the Windows versions, namely the following two functions:

QDIST(q, k, df) = studentized q cumulative distribution value

QINV(p, k, df) = inverse of the studentized q distribution, i.e. the critical value for the studentized q range.

These will be available in the next release of the Windows versions of the software.


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