Quick Update 6 March 2014

Over the past month I have been reviewing each page of the website and making changes to make the site more readable and to correct any errors. I am also working on a book which I hope to publish in the next couple of months.

Yesterday I added a webpage (Advanced Multiple Correlation) to describe how to calculate the multiple correlation coefficient and partial correlation coefficient when there are more than 3 random variables.  This webpage also describes two new functions, PCORREL and PCORR, for calculating the partial correlation coefficient and partial correlation matrix. These functions will be available in Release 2.11 of the Real Statistics Resource Pack that will be coming out shortly.

The next release will also contain the QDIST and QINV functions related to the Studentized q distribution. These are already available in the Mac version of the software.

I have also added a Tools menu to the top menu. This menu provides quicker access to the description of all the functions and data analysis tools in the Real Statistics Resource Pack.

More is coming. Stay tuned.


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