Real Statistics Environment

The Real Statistics capabilities are adjuncts to standard Excel, and consist of supplemental Excel functions and data analysis tools. No separate user interface is required. These capabilities are provided by the Real Statistics Resource Pack, which can be downloaded at Free Downloads.

Although everything described on this website can be done with standard Excel capabilities, it is often easier to use the supplemental functions and data analysis tools provided in the Real Statistics Resource Pack.


3 Responses to Real Statistics Environment

  1. John Ballard says:

    I did the download and have used RealStats a couple of times—-a wonderful site !!!!

    Unfortunately, in the 4 weeks or so since, I have forgotten how to open it in Excel.

    Ctrl and ????



  2. Hi, Charles. How are you?
    I am used to analyze Agronomic Field Trials and other statistical software have the option to choose “Randomized Block Design Trial” and also “Completely Randomized Design”. Is there a way to do that with RealStats?
    Thank so much for your software, time and patience.

    • Charles says:

      These will generally correspond to ANOVA with fixed factors (with or without repetition) or ANOVA with repeated measures.

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