Accessing Real Statistics Data Analysis Tools

On this webpage we present a number of ways for accessing the Real Statistics data analysis tools in the Windows environment. 


You can access the dialog box which lets you choose one of the Real Statistics data analysis tools by pressing Ctrl-m. This is the easiest approach since it can be done in all versions of Excel no matter which Excel ribbon is active.

For those of you who use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-m for some other purpose, you can disable Crtl-m from being used as a way to display the dialog box for Real Statistics data analysis tools. In this case you will need to use choose Real Statistics Data Analysis Tools from the Add-Ins ribbon to display this dialog box.

To disable Ctrl-m, press Alt-F8 (or select View > Macros|Macros). Next insert the macro name DisableToolsShortcut in the Macro dialog box that appears and press theRun button. To enable Ctrl-m, repeat the same sequence of steps except that you need to insert EnableToolsShortcut as the macro name.

Add-Ins ribbon

A menu item has been added to Excel’s Add-Ins ribbon which provides access to the Real Statistics data analysis tools. This capability is only available with Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.

If the Add-Ins ribbon is not visible it will appear automatically. If you click on the tab for this ribbon you will see the Real Statistics menu. Click on that and you gain access to the same menu that appears when you press Ctrl-m.

If for some reason you find that the Real Statistics menu item disappears from the Add-Ins ribbon, then you should follow the following steps:

  1. If Excel is running, close it
  2. Find the file with the Real Statistics Resource Pack. Right click on the file and click on the Properties option from the menu that appear.
  3. Towards the bottom of the General tab of the Properties window you will see the security message “This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer”. Next to this message is the Unblock check box. Make sure this is checked and press the OK button.
  4. Start Excel

Quick Accesss Toolbar

In Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013 you can also access the Real Statistics data analysis tools via the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT), which is shown in the upper left hand corner of Figure 1 of Excel User Interface. First you need to add an icon to the QAT, as follows:

  1. Right click anywhere on the QAT
  2. In the menu that appears, click on the Customize Quick Access Toolbar …
  3. A dialog box will appear as shown in Figure 1. On the leftmost scrollable list (headed by Choose commands from), click on the downward arrow (initially next to the label Popular Commands) and choose the Add-Ins Tab option
  4. The left side of the dialog box will change to the image shown in Figure 2. Double click on the Menu Commands option (or click on the MenuCommands and press the Add button) and then click on the OK button.
  5. An icon will now be added to the QAT which provides access to the Real Statistics main dialog box.

Customize QAT

Figure 1 – Customize Quick Access Toolbar

QAT menu commands

Figure 2 – Double click on Menu Commands

You only need to perform these steps one time. Once you have done this, you need to click on the icon that was added to the QAT and select Menu Commands|Real Statistics > Data Analysis Tools.  This provides access to the same menu that appears when you press Ctrl-m.

Macros dialog box

You can access the Real Statistics data analysis tools dialog box in all versions of Excel using the following steps:

  1. Select View > Macros|Macros in Excel 2010/2013 or Developer > Code|Macros in Excel 2007 or select Macros from the Tools menu in previous versions of Excel (or simply press Alt-F8 in any version of Excel).
  2. On the dialog box that appears enter InitStats and click the Run button

    Macros dialog box

Figure 3 − Macro dialog box access

51 Responses to Accessing Real Statistics Data Analysis Tools

  1. Felipe says:

    I have intended to add the macro IniStats but it does not appear. My office is in Spanish.

    Thanks you.

    • admin says:

      Hello Felipe,
      I am not sure I completely understand your question, but please note that you don’t need to access any macros directly to use the Real Analysis Resource Pack. You should instead inform Excel that the resource pack is an Excel Add-in. This is done using the installation instructions on the page. Once this is done Excel will automatically do the right things with all the macros. Please note that the current version of the resource pack only handles the English language version of Excel, and won’t work with the Spanish version since the names of the standard Excel worksheet functions are different. I will try to address this in a new release of the software.

  2. Rich says:

    Tried to put icon on Quick Access Toolbar…but also do not get InitStats showing in the list of macros. Ctrl-m brings up the menu. I am using WinXP, Office 2010, and have the toolkit in a place different than that specified in install instructions (I don’t have a path as defined, probably because using WinXP).

    • admin says:

      I have never tested the Real Statistics Resource Pack with Windows XP, only Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. I will try to install the resource pack using Windows XP in the next few days and let you know what happens.

      • Rich says:

        Hi, again
        Tried to install on Quick Access Toolbar on another computer, Win7, Office 2013 with same result…the InitStats does not show up in the list of macros here either. Perhaps there is another setting? Ctrl-m brings up the menu of tools just as on the WinXP.

        • admin says:

          Hi Rich,

          This is very strange. I just checked on my computer (Windows 7) and once I change the Choose Commands From setting from Popular Commands to Macros, I see the InitStats on the list of macros. I will try to re-install the Resource Pack on a new computer shortly and see if I have the same problem that you are having.

          If anyone else from the Community has been able to install the Quick Access Toolbar, please let us know.


        • admin says:

          I just tried to install the Real Statistics Resource Pack with Excel 2007 in a Windows XP environment. Everything worked fine, but I too was not able to find InitStats in the list of macros and so was unable to access the toolkit via the Quick Access Toolbar. I don’t yet know why this is so.

  3. David Sheridan says:

    I have the same problem. I am using Excel 2007 with Windows 7 64 bit. I cannot see the InitStats macro in the list

    • Charles says:

      I was able to find the InitStats on one of my computers but not the other. I don’t have a solution yet. For now I suggest that you press Ctrl-m to access the data analysis tools. I hope to have a solution shortly.

  4. Rui Prieto says:

    I’ve also stumbled in the missing macro problem (Excel 2010 32 bits, English, Windows 7 64 bits). Have not yet found a solution. Is it not possible to present the whole package as a ribbon (this is a question from a person who does not know to do that).

    Anyway, thanks for the development of a great tool. Let us know when the books are ready and I will definitively buy them to give something back.
    Rui Prieto

    • Charles says:

      Thanks for your support Rui,
      I am now looking into this problem again. Hopefully I can find a solution soon. As for now, Ctrl-m seems to be the way to go for many users.

  5. William Agurto says:

    Dear Charles:

    This add-in is really powerful!!!! But, in order to avoid problems with Quick Access Toolbar or the Ribbon Controls, is better to modify your VBA code and use the UI Editor for Microsoft Office (it’s free downloaded from Microsoft page), with the purpose of automatically create a Ribbon Control when double-clicking the *.xlam file (in that case, it’s not needed to add “RealStat” as a complement in the Microsoft Office folder). Please, see information in the link below: it’s an interesting example, useful for create Automatic Ribbon Controls (I use that procedure for my Excel 2010 macros). If you do that, your macro becomes independent on the Microsoft Office language (note: Customized Ribbon Controls only functions with Office 2007 and later; for previous versions is necessary to use “customized menus”; there’s another link below, but I don’t recommend to use customized menus: the appereance is not so good as Customized Ribbon Controls).

    Ribbon controls (Office 2007 and later):

    Customized menus:


    William Agurto.

    PD: RealStats is an excelent tool!!!!

    • Charles says:

      Dear William,
      Thank you for your helpful suggestion for fixing a problem that a lot of people have had. I will look into it.
      Also I am quite pleased that you find RealStats to be an excellent tool.

  6. Monte says:

    Thank you for creating very helpful and powerful statistical functionality with Excel.

    In view of an interest to perform logistical regression on a large number of datasets, wondering if there is a bulk utility or VBA call subroutine to allow one to enable RealStats, select logistical regression, specify range and other variables?

    Thank you

    • Charles says:

      The Real Statistics Resource Pack provides a Logistics Regression data analysis tool (see, but there is no bulk utility. If there is sufficient interest from the community I will consider adding this capability.

    • Charles says:

      The next release of the software will include functions that perform logistic regression. You can use these to perform logistic regression on a large number of data sets. This release will be available in a few days.

      • Vicky says:

        hi, the logistic regression option don’t show up on my menue in control+m 🙁 what I did wrong?

        • Charles says:

          It is there. If you are using the multipage interface, select the Reg tab and you will see the Logistic and Probit Regression option. If you are using the original user interface, select Regression and then on the dialog box that appears choose the Logistic and Probit Regression option.

  7. Kapetanakis says:

    Hi, so has anyone solved the problem with the menu button for realstats. I can pull it up using ctr-m but I would like to have a button I can use (and remind me it is there to use).


    • Charles says:


      I just updated the webpage page with new instructions which I tried out and they work. Let me know if they work for you.

      I believe that InitStats doesn’t appear in the list of macros until it is run at least once from the Macros command. To solve this problem you need to select View > Macros|Macros (or press Alt-F8) and then enter InitStats and click on the Run button. Once you have done this InitStats should appear in the list of macros. If so you can add InitStats to the ribbon (or Quick Access Toolbar).

      If you are using a version of Excel prior to Excel 2007 the approach is bit different, but this is also described on


      • Colin says:

        The method you provided dosen’t work.

      • Rich says:

        Hi, Charles

        I tried the described method on two machines that previously had the problem with the macro not showing. There must be some other condition that needs to exist (or not exist) because the method didn’t work for me either (on either Win8 with Excel 2013, or Win7 with Excel 2013).

        Control-m has no problem, nor does running InitStats from the macro-run.

        Your site continues to be a valuable resource for understanding and usefulness, Rich

        • Charles says:

          Sorry to hear that it didn’t work. I just tried it on a machine running Excel 2013 and Win 8 and it didn’t work for me either. Back to the drawing board. I need to figure out another way of solving this problem.

  8. Ramiro Salas says:

    Hi Charles,
    I downloaded Real Statistics and everything looks good, except that I don’t see SlopesTest in the list of options. What did I miss?


  9. Ramiro Salas says:

    That works. This is great. Thanks!


  10. DeWayne says:

    I am looking for your “Power Regression” function. There is a link to it but nothing comes up when I click on it.

    Thank you.

  11. Erick G. says:

    Hi Charles,

    Just getting familiar with your software myself and really like what I see so far! I am also looking forward to introducing my 3rd- and 4th-year biology students to this very accessible and well-documented statistical software, once I have mastered the basics myself.

    Regarding convenience of use (and Kapetanakis’s question, from Jan. 30, 2014, regarding solving the menu button issue for Real Statistics), I am not sure what sort of progress you, or others, have made in getting Real Statistics to show up as an icon on a menu bar–on main ribbon or a toolbar–but I did manage to get it to show up on the Quick Access (QA) Toolbar, in Excel 2010 at least, by following these steps.

    Once RealStats is properly installed (i.e., ctrl-M produces the RealStats selection menu box), select the main tab on the far right, then R. click on “Real Statistics” text (which appears in a menu, top of page, far left) and choose “Add group to quick-access toolbar” from drop-down menu. Doing so results in a “Menu Commands” icon being placed on the QA Toolbar. Selecting this icon provides a series of direct links that allow quick access to the Real Statistics box containing the commands selection menu (i.e., Real Statistics|Data Analysis Tools|Real Statistics Selection List). It sounds more circuitous than it actually is in practice. Very convenient for my purposes. (FWIW, I choose to display the QA Toolbar below the ribbon for easy access since I customize it with a variety of commonly used icons/commands and this new icon for Real Statistics serves that purpose effectively.)

    Hopefully this tip proves useful to those Real Statistics users looking for a convenient menu icon.


    –Erick G.

    • Charles says:


      Thank you very much for this tip. Although I wasn’t able to understand all the steps (see next paragraph), the info you provided was sufficient for me to figure out how to do it. I plan to write this up on the website. I am sure that it will be very useful to others.

      Please clarify your statement ‘select the main tab on the far right, then R. click on “Real Statistics” text’. Which main tab are you referring to? Are you referring to the the downward pointing arrow in the Quick Access Tab or something else? I never found a place where I could simply type R.

      Keep in mind that since Kapetanakis’s question, from Jan. 30, 2014, based on another user’s suggestions I was able to automatically add Real Statistics to the Add-Ins ribbon (and display this ribbon if necessary). I think that you are making use of a link to this ribbon item to add Real Statistics to the Quick Access Ribbon. This is great. I will certainly share this with the others in the community. Thanks a million.


    • Charles says:

      I have just added a description of how to use the Quick Access Toolbar to access the Real Statistics data analysis tools. This appears on the webpage
      Thanks again for your suggestion.

      • Erick G. says:

        Hi Charles,
        Yes, your most recent description of how to add the “Menu Commands” icon in your Mar. 3/15 message accomplishes the same thing as my suggestion did. And i also now see how i was taking advantage of your recent modification to have the RealStats icon appear on the Add-ins ribbon.

        For clarification’s sake–and as you may have surmised in the meantime–when i said “R. click”, i simply meant “Right Click” on the “Menu Commands” icon once the Add-ins ribbon was displayed. Upon re-reading it, i see now that i forgot to add “specifically on the ‘Add-ins’ tab” (on main Excel tabs — oops). Looks good now though.

        • Charles says:

          Thanks for the clarification, and especially thanks for your suggestion. Thanks to you, we now have an easy way to use the QAT.

      • Osvaldo Bascur says:

        Is this


        I have installed the Real Statistics Add-In. I do not get it execute.


  12. Joel says:

    I too am having trouble getting Real Stats to show up on the quick access tool bar, Add Ins menu, or Macros menu.
    I installed Real Stats. It appears and runs when I press ctrl-M. It shows up file-options-Add Ins. It also runs when I type in InitStats in the macro box but the Macro name doesn’t persist in the list of Macros.
    Great tool so it would be great to make it easy to use.
    I tried the techniques suggested for getting it to add an icon to any tool bar, but it didn’t work. I think there is a simple solution but I’m just not sure what it is. Thanks for any consideration in this.

  13. Jerzy says:

    Could you please change this statement:
    “4.The left side of the dialog box will change to the image shown in Figure 2. Double click on the Menu Commands option and then click on the OK button.”
    4.The left side of the dialog box will change to the image shown in Figure 2. Double click on the Menu Commands option or press the Add button and then click on the OK button.

    • Charles says:

      Sorry for the late reply, but I overlooked your comment.
      I have made the change that you have suggested on the website.

  14. Ahmed Hikal says:

    Dear Charlie;
    I tried all the steps mentioned above for accessing Realstats; control-m, macros, add-ins tabs, but nothing worked, when I tried to run macros I got the message : can’t execute code in break mode

  15. Mark says:

    Hi Charles,
    I was really hoping to use the RealStats toolpack.
    I’m running Excel 10.
    I downloaded the XLAM file, installed as you suggested. When I open XL, and click Alt-TI, I can see RealStats in the Addins. The box is checked. I can see it when I look in Options:Addins (it’s an “active” addin). However, I cannot see it in my Add-ins menu tab. I have several other add-ins that I am running (PTS charts and RefValAdvisor). I can see both of those (PTS charts is in the Menu Commands tab, RefValAdvisor has it’s own Tab in the Add-ins menu.
    I have tried everything that has been suggested to display RealStats. I re-downloaded the add-in, and replaced the older version that I had. That didn’t help.

    When I type =ver() into a cell of a blank worksheet, I get the #NAME error.

    Any thoughts?

    • Mark says:

      OK, so I figured out that it was being blocked. I unblocked it (as per instructions at the top of this page), but the Solver Add-in started to corrupt the XL – it would fail to load and asked that I disable “Solver Add-in”. This then allowed the RealStats add-in to appear in the Menu and the add-in would open.

      I tried to run a Fleiss’ Kappa, but get a VBA for Applications error when I do – “Compile Error in hidden Module – Analysis.” It then suggests to debug the VBA code, but this is password protected.

      I tried several other analyses in the toolpack and got the same error. Do I need to install Solver Add-in again?

      • Charles says:

        I don’t know why Excel’s Solver started to corrupt Excel. In any case, Solver is required for Real Statistics; without Solver enabled you should expect error messages of the type that you reported.
        One other thing. Before you reinstall Solver, uncheck RealStats. Once Solver is installed (with a check mark next to it in the list of addins), you should put a check mark next to RealStats (Solver needs to be active before RealStats).

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  17. César Orellana says:

    Hello Charles,
    I just recently seeing your excellent Real Statistics package.
    I tried it in Excel 2010 without problems but when I tried it on a Mac I can not get the data analysis tool. The Ctrl-m does not work in my case. If you have any suggestion I would appreciate.



    • César Orellana says:

      Hi Charles,
      I do access via Ctrl-m in the Mac.
      Thanks, the problem was that the shortcut key was previously assigned to another application.


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