Real Statistics Worksheet Examples

Accompanying this website are the following three Excel workbooks which contain all the examples described in the rest of the website.

  • Real Statistics Examples Workbook Part 1: Basic Capabilities, Distributions, T-tests, Chi-square tests, Testing for Normality and Symmetry, Non-parametric tests, Correlation
  • Real Statistics Examples Workbook Part 2: ANOVA, Regression, Survival Analysis, Reliability, Dealing with Missing Data
  • Real Statistics Multivariate Examples: Hotelling T-square tests, MANOVA, Box’s Test, Factor Analysis, Cluster Analysis

These workbooks can be downloaded for free by clicking on Download Examples Workbook.

Once you have download and installed any of the examples workbooks, you can click on any tab to access the various examples found in this website. Two tables of contents are provided to help you find the desired example.

The second worksheet in the workbook (labeled TOC) is the table of contents for the rest of the workbook. Clicking on any of the entries takes you the specific example described in the corresponding part of this website. The entries in the TOC correspond to the various pages in this website. In this way you can follow along with any of the topics in the website in Excel.

There is a more concise table of contents, which may be found in the first worksheet (labeled TOC0). Clicking on any of these entries takes you to the first entry in TOC for that general topic. The entries in TOC0 correspond to the menu items in the Content Menu  (that appears on the right sidebar of this website).

6 Responses to Real Statistics Worksheet Examples

  1. Joel Dubow says:

    I’m starting to get the hang of Real Statistics functions. I have one question about making the worksheet examples more usable. At this time I can open the TOC and get to the example I am interested in by clicking in the appropriate link. No problem and it works as advertised.

    I would like to make use of individual workbook examples (worksheets) outside of the multi example workbook. For example, supposing I wanted to copy #584, Multiple correlation coefficient (example 1) and work on it in a separate worksheet. Or alternatively perform two separate different analyses such as multiple correlation and resampling. If I want to use the workbook I have to shuffle through a number of tabs.

    Copying and pasting an individual worksheet doesn’t seem to work since the underlying links aren’t there (unless I am doing something wrong?). I could just enter the formulas, but I would prefer to use the existing layout of the worksheet and not have to retype the formula. In other words extract the two example worksheets, along with perhaps the TOC and work from there.

    I know, I probably seem a little lazy, but I’m an engineer and was raised that way. Any simple way to accomplish what I’m trying to do would be appreciated.

    • Charles says:

      I copy worksheets from the Worksheet Examples workbook all the time. The number of links to other worksheets is fairly limited, and so when there is such a link I either manually copy the linked data value or copy the linked worksheet as well. This hasn’t proven to be much of a problem. The main caution is that when you copy a chart it refers to the original data values, and so I am usually forced to delete the chart and regenerate it.

  2. Problem with graphing function
    Hi Charles
    I am using the RealStats program in Excel 7. The first few months I was using it, the graphing functions, e.g. boxplots were working great. Then they stopped working and and I would get an error message: “A runtime error has occurred. The analysis tool will be aborted. Application-defined or object-define error”. IT staff removed the Excel program and then reloaded it. I downloaded the RealStats program for Excel 7 and installed it again. The same error message occured. I’m stumped. Any suggestions?
    Thank you
    Patricia Olson

    • Charles says:

      I’m not sure what has caused this problem. I just issued a new bug-fix release of RealStats program today (Release 3.6.1). I have tested the box plots capability and it works properly on my computer with Excel 2007. The only change that I have made to this feature in the past few months is to grey out the ability to use the .EXC versions of QUARTILE functions (since Excel 2007 doesn’t support this version). Please let me know whether the new version works properly.

  3. richard verdugo says:

    hi Charles, I thought you had a routine for computing Huber-white robust standard errors. Am I wrong? let me know. best wishes, Richard

    • Charles says:

      The software doesn’t yet calculate Huber-White robust errors. I plan to add this capability in a future release.

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