Release 2.10 of the Real Statistics Resource Pack

I am pleased to announce Release 2.10 of the Real Statistics Resource Pack. The new release is available for immediate free download (Download Resource Pack). The Real Statistics Examples Worksheet has been updated with some new examples. You can also download this file for free (Download Examples).

This release provides the following new functionality:

Intraclass Correlation: The existing ICC function has been expanded to cover all six basic forms of the intraclass coefficient: ICC(1,1), ICC(2,1), ICC(3,1), ICC(1,k), ICC(2,k) and ICC(3,k). The website is in the processing of being expanded to explain all these forms.

Comparison of Slopes: A new SlopesTest function has been added which implements the test for determining whether there is a significant difference between two linear regression slopes (including standard error of the difference between the slopes, t statistic, df and p-value).

Correlation Test: A new CorrTest has been added which outputs the p-value of the test which determines whether an observed correlation coefficient is significantly different from some value. In addition a confidence interval can be found using the new CorrLower and CorrUpper functions.


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  1. Colin says:

    Thank you very much! And looking forward to your book!

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