Release 2.5 of the Real Statistics Resource Pack

I pleased to announce the latest release of the Real Statistics Resource Pack, Release 2.5. This release is now available for free download by clicking on Free Download.

The new release doesn’t have a lot of new functionality, but it does improve the algorithms used for linear regression. In addition it contains the following new functions:

QRSolve – solves systems of linear equations using QR factorization

QRInverse – inverts a matrix using QR factorization

The website has been updated to reflect these additions. In addition, the website has been updated as follows:

Cronbach’s Alpha – New information has been added to this webpage regarding how to deal with reverse coding and multi-factor tests. These can be relevant when Cronbach’s alpha is low.

Item Analysis – A new webpage has been added to describe the subject of item analysis (esp. item difficulty and item discrimination) in testing (esp. creating multiple choice tests)

Both the univariate and multivariate examples workbooks have been updated to reflect all the above changes. These can be downloaded for free by clicking on Examples Workbooks.


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