Release 2.7 of the Real Statistics Resource Pack

I am pleased to announce Release 2.7 of the Real Statistics Resource Pack. The new release is available for immediate free download (Download Resource Pack). The Real Statistics Examples Worksheet has also been updated with new examples. You can also download this file for free (Download Examples). The website will be updated over the next few days to reflect the new capabilities.

This release provides the following new functionality:

Three Factor ANOVA data analysis tool – a new data analysis tool which

  • Supports two input data formats
  • Supports both balanced and unbalanced models (where the group samples are unequal)
  • Provides descriptive data

Logistic Regression data analysis tool – the following new features have been added

  • Classification table
  • Addition of the following metrics: Sensitivity (True Positive Rate), Selectivity, False Positive Rate, Accuracy
  • Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) Curve
  • Ability to change the classification cutoff
  • Improved user interface

Two Factor ANOVA data analysis tool – the existing data analysis tool now also supports Anova without replication (simply insert 1 in the # of Rows per Sample field when using the Excel input format)

Weighted Cohen’s Kappa function – a new function WKAPPA has been added which calculates the weighted version of Cohen’s kappa. The website has also been updated to explain this statistic

New reformatting functions  a number of new supplemental functions have been added which make it easier to format data. These include

QSORTRows: sort rows in a range based on the values of one column in the range.

SortRowsUnique: sort the rows in a data range eliminating any duplicates. There are also the related functions: SortRowsCount, SortRowsSum and CountRowsUnique

SelectCols: enables you to create a new data range by selecting any of the columns in an existing data range; the order of the columns can be changed and the rows can optionally be sorted

ExtractUnique: takes a data range and eliminates any duplicates but keeping the original order

I hope that you find the new capabilities useful.


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