Release 4.14

I am pleased to announce Release 4.14 of the Real Statistics Resource Pack. The new release is now available for free download at Download Resource Pack for Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 (Windows version) environments.

Note that now there are three versions of the software: one for Excel 2013/2016, another for Excel 2010 and a third for Excel 2007.

A new version for the Mac will be available within the next few weeks.

The Examples Workbook Parts 1 and 2 and the Multivariate Examples files have been updated for compatibility with the new release.

The Real Statistics website will be updated over the course of the next few days to reflect the new capabilities in Release 4.14.

Discriminant Analysis

A new Discriminant Analysis data analysis tool has been added to the multivariate analysis part of the Real Statistics Resource Pack. The tool will perform both linear discriminant analysis (LDA) and quadratic discriminant analysis (QDA).

Classification tables and predictions for training and non-training data can be made.

Polychoric Correlation

A new Polychoric Correlation data analysis tool has been added which calculates the polychoric correlation for two discrete, finite, ordinal variables (using Solver). Data for such variables can be organized into a two dimensional contingency table (as for the chi-square test of independence). When the two variables are dichotomous, the polychoric correlation is called a tetrachoric correlation.

In addition, the TCORREL function has been added which estimates the tetrachoric correlation coefficient, along with a p-value and confidence interval

Percentile and Quartile Functions

New QUARTILE_EXC(R1, k) and PERCENTILE_EXC(R1, p) functions have been added which have the same functionality as QUARTILE.EXC and PERCENTILE.EXC. This is useful for Excel 2007 users since this version of Excel doesn’t support the .EXC functions. These functions do differ from their Excel counterparts only in the extreme cases: where the Excel function return #NUM!, the Real Statistics functions return MIN(R1) and MAX(R1).

In addition, these functions take a final argument which provides other options for defining percentile and quartile based on Hyndman-Fan methods 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 (note that Excel’s .EXC approach is method 6 and .INC is method 7). QUARTILE_EXC(R1, k, m) and PERCENTILE_EXC(R1, p, m) default to method 6 when m is omitted.

Fisher test effect size

The FISHER_TEST function has been added, which not only reports the p-value for the Fisher exact test (as is done by FISHERTEST), but also estimates equivalent phi and Cramer V effect sizes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes bug in Cluster Analysis data analysis tool when writing to another webpage
  • Fixes bug in SVD functions
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2 Responses to Release 4.14

  1. Juan Carlos Elgue says:

    Hi, i use Excel 2016 with windows 10 in spanish, when trying to use real statistics, says Error de compilación en modulo oculto

    any idea about to fix it ?

    • Charles says:

      Juan Carlos,
      Does this problem occur when you use one specific data analysis tool or does it occur for multiple data analysis tools? Which tools have you trued? What is the result, when you enter the formula =VER() in any cell?

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