Release 5.0 for Mac

New Mac Release

Good news for Mac users. The latest release of the Real Statistics Resource Pack (Release 5.0) is now available for use with Excel 2016 for the Mac. You can now download this release at Real Statistics Resource Pack for Mac.

There is also a new release of the Real Statistics Resource Pack that is compatible with Excel 2011 (Mac), but this has not been tested. You can download this version from Real Statistics Resource Pack for Mac as well. I would appreciate your informing me whether this release works on your Mac computer.

I have put in considerable energy and investment to create this new release and test it on a Mac computer. Any donation from you would be appreciated to help offset my costs.

User Interface

The user interface for the Mac version of the Real Statistics data analysis tools is identical to the Windows version with one important difference. When inserting a range into an input field, in Windows you can simply highlight the range of cells and the field will automatically contain the address of the highlighted range (see Figure 1).

Insert range Windows

Figure 1 – Inserting a Range in Windows

In the Mac version of Real Statistics to accomplish the same thing, you need to click on the + button, as shown in Figure 2.

Insert range on Mac

Figure 2 – Inserting a Range on the Mac (step 1)

This will display the dialog box shown on the right side of Figure 3. You can now highlight the desired data range (M3:M7 in this example) and when you press the OK button, the Input Range field will automatically be filled with the appropriate cell range address.

Insert range dialog Mac

Figure 3 – Inserting a Range in the Mac (step 2)

The situation is the same for the Output Range, except that now you should only highlight one cell.

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