Release 5.2

I am pleased to announce Release 5.2 of the Real Statistics Resource Pack. The new release is now available for free download at Download Resource Pack for Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 (Windows version) environments.

The example files Examples Workbook Part 2 and Time Series Examples been updated for compatibility with Release 5.2.

The Real Statistics website will be updated over the course of the next few days to reflect the new capabilities in Release 5.2.

The following is a summary of the new features in Release 5.2.

ARIMA Enhancements

A new ARIMA_Coeff array function has been added which calculates the coefficients of an Arima(p, q, d) model, along with the standard errors of these coefficients and confidence intervals.

In addition, the ARIMA_Stats array function has been added which calculates various statistics (LL, SSE, MSE, AIC, etc.) for an Arima model.

Please join me in thanking Miloš Cipovic, who did a beautiful job of programming the algorithms for these new functions using the Levenberg-Marquardt method.

Minor changes

Used F_DIST_RT function in the Repeated Measures ANOVA data analysis tool to increase accuracy.

Corrected some tooltips on some dialog boxes

Added Nonparametric and TimeSeries function categories to make it easier to get information about more Real Statistics functions via the Insert Function fx capability.

The COCHRAN and QTEST formulas have been enhanced. A third argument has been added which allows you to specify that a continuity correction will be used in the case where there are only two variables (this is also the default), i.e. the case which is equal to McNemar’s test.

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