Statistics Tables

Excel provides formulas for most of the common tests and distributions (as described in Built-in Statistical Functions). Excel doesn’t provide formulas for some tests, especially for non-parametric tests. For these we use statistical table, as described in this appendix.

See Supplemental Functions for a list of the various Real Statistics functions which can be used for the lookup of values in these tables.

Also see Interpolation for a description of how interpolation is done for values between those found in these tables.

10 Responses to Statistics Tables

  1. Ashutosh Das says:

    Many many thanks for your wonderful and exhaustive service, which is really amazing. I find your explanation and add on so very helpful. It would be wonderful, if you could kindly add time-series analysis and cluster analysis, as well.

    • Charles says:

      I am glad that you like the site. I already have time-series analysis and cluster analysis in the list of future enhancements. I hope to get to these after the summer.

  2. Connie says:

    Hello Charles,

    I was wondering if there existed a table for Pearson’s correlation coefficients. (ones similar to the spearman and kendall tables)

    Also, is it still appropriate to use the one-sample correlation function on excel if the data is binary.
    For example, linking gender (Males=0, Females=1) with whether or not they lived past the age of 100 (/=100 = 1) in a sample size of 50 people.

    • Charles says:

      Tables for Pearson’s correlation coefficient do exist. I am planning to add such a table to the website.
      With binary data the normality assumption for the one-sample correlation test won’t be met. You can use the CORREL function, but the correlation test won’t be valid. You can use the chi-square test for independence if it meets your needs.

  3. Jas says:

    Hi Charles,

    Thanks for providing these amazing resources especially for people who can’t afford to buy Minitab or other statistical software. Your instructions are very simple and well written. Do you any plans in the future to add MSA (Attribute and Continuous) analysis as well?

  4. Jazzy says:

    This is, by far, my favorite statistics site. Thank you fo much for your efforts and your explanations!

    Greetings from the Caribbean.

  5. arko says:

    i am wondering if you can share Statistics Tables as pdf

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