Spearman’s Rho Table

Spearman's rho stats table

The table contains critical values for two-tail tests. For one-tail tests, multiply α by 2.

If the calculated Spearman’s rho is greater than the critical value from the table, then reject the null hypothesis that there is no correlation.

See Spearman’s Rho for details.

4 Responses to Spearman’s Rho Table

  1. Aurélie says:

    Thanks for this usefull table. However, I’m working with tables of thouthands of values. How could I find the Spearman’s Rho table for up to 70000 samples?
    Thanks in advance for your help and advises

  2. B says:

    Thanks for the web, it is very insightful.
    However, I have only looked at Spearman and Kendall, and I may be wrong, but I have the serious impression that when you say that to get the one-tailed test one should multiply alpha times 2, I think it should be actually the opposite, i.e., divide alpha by two.

    • Charles says:

      It really depends on how you look at it, but it any case the table is for the two-tailed test, and so if you want say the critical value for the one-tail test where alpha = .05, you need to find the value in the (two-tail) table where alpha is .1 (i.e. double).

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